The Ponds

The norths premier carp water of 3 carp lakes

Pond 1

2-acres approx 60 fish to over 40lbs with 12 different 30’s.

In 2010 3000lbs of roach have been removed, this should push the weight of the carp up.

The lake also has approx 20 catfish averaging 25lbs.

Pond 2

4-acres approx 200 carp.

2010 30 carp were introduced between 20lbs – 30lbs.

Catfish are present averaging 40lbs up to 70 lbs+.

Pond 3

3 acres approx 130 carp.

The water holds 4 different 30’s and in 2010 3 fish @ 27lbs were stocked plus a 46lb mirror.

Tthe lake will have a lodge for 2011, so the whole lake can be booked as private booking.

Pond 4

Opening soon. Bookings now being taken.